APC Powerchute Software - "Error: 0, Failed to start APC PBE Agent service. VMWare Server is installed, please unistall."

During some recent server installations I have been getting the same error message over and over again while installing the APC Powerchute Business Edition Software:

“Error: 0, Failed to start APC PBE Agent service. VMware Server is installed, Please uninstall.”

This became very annoyning as APC wants you to upgrade software etc. However there is a workaround. The APC Software can run on servers with any type of VMWare software installed on it. You just need to have version 8.0. It can be found here on the APC FTP site:


Download the Powerchute version 8 and install on your server. That will take care of the VMWare error and get your up and running with your Powerchute software.