How to setup a VPN Connection from a Windows 7 Computer

1. Open up the Control Panel and then go to the Network and Sharing Center. Select the “Setup a new connection or network” link from the Change your networking settings.


2. At the next window, select the Connect to a workplace option.


3. Select the “Use my Internet Connection (VPN)” option from the How do you want to connect window.


4. At the next window we need to setup the properties for the VPN Connection. The internet address is different for each VPN connection. Please contact RL Computing If you need help determining your address.  For description, you can choose what to name it. For example, MyCompanies VPN


5. At the next window, please type in your user name and password. This will be the exact same user name and password you use to login to your computer at the workplace. You can leave the domain field blank. You can then hit the Connect button.


6.  You should see the computer verifying user name and password.


7. Once your computer has been registered on the network you will see the “You are connected” window.


8. Once you are connected to the VPN, there are many options you can perform. The computer that is connected to the VPN is recognized as a computer that is inside the local network. You can access your files, e-mails etc.