How to setup Microsoft Outlook 2007 to filter E-Mail messages marked as SPAM

Setting up Microsoft Outlook 2007 to filter e-mails marked as SPAM

This tutorial will teach you how to create a new rule inside of Microsoft Outlook 2007 to automatically move any e-mails marked with the word SPAM into the Junk E-Mail folder inside of Outlook.

Step 1 – Open Outlook and click on Tools from the drop down menu and select Rules and Alerts.

Step 2 – In the window that opens select the New Rule bottom in the top left hand corner

Step 3 – In the Rules Wizard dialogue box, under Step 1: Select a template, select Move Messages with specific words in the subject to a folder.

Step 4 – Under Step 2 of the Rules Wizard, click on the blue underlined phrase, specific words as shown below.

Step 5 – In the new window that opens, type the words SPAM in the text box at the top. Click the Add button. The new “SPAM” will appear under Search list: Click the Ok button.

Step 6 – Under Step 2 of the rules Wizard, click the blue, underlined word, specified.

Step 7 - This will open a new window to select which folder you would like the move the e-mails marked with the word SPAM into. Select the Junk E-Mail folder from the list. Click the OK button.

Step 8 – Select the Next button on the following three windows that open up.


Step 9 – Select the Finish button.

Step 10 – Click the OK button to enable this rule for all future mail handling, as shown below.


Note:  For all future mail that is tagged as SPAM-LOW; SPAM-MEDIUM or SPAM-HIGH will be moved to your Junk E-mail folder automatically. Be sure to check your Junk E-Mail folder periodically to ensure that no legitimate messages were accidentally marked as spam mail and moved to the junk e-mail folder.