Add D-Link DNS-321 NAS as a datastore in ESXi 4.0

1. Update the D-Link DNS-321 NAS to at least firmware 1.03 – If you don’t, you will not have the option to create NFS.
2. Create a folder on the D-Link DNS-321. I created a basic folder on the volume called ‘VM’ (short for Virtual Machines)
3. Create a user on the DNS-321 and give them full permissions to the folder you have just created.
4. Click on the Advanced Tab at the top of the DNS-321 Web Page; then click on the Network Access Tab on the left had side of the page.
5. Click the button to enable the NFS Server and then click Apply button.
6. Under the ‘Network Access Settings’ Section; change the type to NFS.
7. The host should be  (or whatever your internal address is; be sure to add the subnet)
8. For folder; click the browse button and browse to the folder you have just created on the NAS
9. Permissions: Change to R/W (Read/Write)
10. Root Squash: Yes
11. Click Apply button
12. You will then see the NFS added under the NFS Access List. Take note of the Real Path: /mnt/HD_a2/Folder (it may be different from this)

Setting up the ESXi 4.0 Server
1. Create a new user with the same user name as the user created in the D-Link DNS-321. Make both passwords the same. Be sure to give the appropriate permissions to the new user so they can login into the ESXi server and added a datastore (ESXi  vSphere -> Permissions Tab)
2. Login into vSphere with new user.
3. Go to the Configuration Tab -> Click on Storage on the right hand side.
4. Click the Add Storage link in the top right hand side.
5. A new window will open; select Network File Storage as the storage type and select next.
6. Under properties enter the following:
               Server: 192.168.1.XX (Use the internal address of your D-Link DNS-321 NAS)
               Folder: /mnt/HD_a2/Folder (This will be the root path of the folder you setup in the NAS)
7. Under Datastore Name add an appropriate name to identify the new datastore in ESXi